external image myrottenlifeposter.jpg if you like mystery books. and not knowing whats next. this book is about Nathan Abercrombie excitingly scary adventure thru out middle school. because middle school is hard enough without turning into a zombie.
David lubar

external image The_Invention_of_Hugo_Cabret.jpgI love this book it is so emotional. and you can picture it because there are so many pictures. you should read it.
Brian Selznick

external image Goblet_fire_cover.jpg this is a harry potter book . it is bye far my favorite harry potterer. it is harry's 4th year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.it follows the mystery surrounding the entry of harry's name in the triwizard tournament,which he is forced to compete in. but i wont give the story away so you need to figure out the rest yourself.

JK Rowlig

external image showboat.jpg tis is a book about three kids who stumble upon a lake where they claim they see a haunted boat. They went through so many adventures to see who was in the boat. Did they ever find him?
Carolyn Keene

external image Helen_Keller.jpgI read this book that is about helen Keller and her disadvantages in life.
Lesslie Garrett

This+Means+War.jpg this book is about a girl who loses her best friend Louise. who is a boy, who start hanging around with the mean boys at school who say boys are better. but the girl says girls are better so that means war. the time period is during the korean war. when she is also scared of missals hitting america.
Ellen Wittlinger

the+mailbox.jpg This book has so much sensory deatail. who can almost feel it. it's when this boys parents day and he lives with his strange uncle. one day he comes home from school to see his uncle dead.
Aubrey Snafer

200px-Wizard_title_page.jpgAll 15 wizard of oz's bring fantasy, magic and mystery from the tin man to toto. this book is recommended for 8-14 of age.
L. Frank. Baum

holes-1b1qasc.jpgStanley yelnatz is under a curse. A curse that is his great great grandfathers fault, when he does keep a promise with a one legged gypsy.she curse's all of the men with bad luck in the Yelnatz family for eternity.
Louis Sachar


3780891[1].jpgA girl doesn't have a date to her school dance-until her dad makes one for her in his lab.