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With helping the homeless, raising money for soup kitchens and shelters and change someones life forever.

This page is called Boom Wackers 4 a change, becuase my class wants to make a change and were going to do it. But this isn't your ordinary Lemenade stand fundrasier. We are going to make a change using BOOMWACKERS. We are going to do it in the downtown mall in CharlletseVille Virginia. We parctice so many catchy songs with Boom wackers. Boom wackers are a cylinder shaped insrtoment, that can come in many differant lengths and Colors. I play the big red and normal Orange.
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And please do not think I came up with this brilliant idea, the credits should be given to my close friend and classmate who is eager to putt an end to homlessness. So please visit Ricky's wiki so you can read more about his idea.

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Together we can make a change, But only if we all lend a hand. :) :) :) :)