As I sit here thinking ,I try to think about Earth. But I'm suprised because I can't think of any thing

Then I realize that I am on earth every minute of every day and I also realize that earth won't be here forever.Earth provides us fine food and what do we provide it, trash. Earth may be fine today and for the rest of our life's. But in 3000 years earth might be a big wasteland with nothing but trash.People would be wiped out becuse that trash would pollute our air supplies.Imagine the fear of living in a land with out fresh water or food . Picture having to swim and fight your way through debree just to visit your grandparents or go anywhere.Well those people struggling could be your grand children past over many generations.

We make more pollution every day. That needs to stop.

Thats why its up to us to save the earth. You can help by recycling,don't litter, save energy and don't destroy natural habitats.

GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!