Ever since september 19, 2011 I have had a baby nease, her name is Maya.
Maya has an outgoing personality, she is so advanced she can hold her own bottle and putt her passy into her mouth. She is adorable, but she is a hair pullin' machine. Maya makes the silliest faces 24 7. when she is not doing her shirly temple laugh he is making ooohhh ahhhhh faces. that brightens everyones day.Maya is about 16 pounds to this day. She has blond hair in the front, yet dark brown in the back. Once we tried to put sunglasses on her but thay fell straight off because her freakishly small nose. She has dark blue has that are deep like the sea. And her laugh sounds differant every time.
You can tell when she's tired. She will start blinking alot. she enjoys dancing,singing and being with her Aunt JJ.