O my goodness gracious. THAT IS ALOT OF PEOPLE..............
On march 17th 2012 after my soccer game. i drove bye the downtown mall.And saw so many people. The bizzare thing was, that they all were wearing the same shirt."scavenger hunt". I asked my mom what was going on."Mom, what the heck is happening. And why is everyone wearing shirts that say scavenger hunt."
She replied,"Jordan, there is a huge scavenger hunt going on to find a 10000$ diamond. who ever finds it is going to get alot of money." At that instant i wanted to start looking. But i couldn't, becuase we where just driving bye, on the way home. Today people still look. I bet its hidden in plane sight. or somewhere so obvious noone will even bother to look. GOSH. its probably in a jewelery store. Man, I wish i could have that diamond.
Never forgett though, Happieness beats money. :) :) :)