I had a dog named Butler. He was beginning to get a lot of diseases and stuff on his legs that would make it hard for him to walk and go up stairs. As I grew up Butler started to get older and older. We were living in a apartment waiting for our house to get done with construction. My whole family was going out to Walmart to get groceries and as we were leaving Butler thought that we were leaving him forever because I saw a worried face on him as we were leaving. Alex got in trouble at Walmart so when we got home he had to sit in the timeout chair. Butler was lying on the floor and was sleeping very heavily. Or so we thought. After a couple of minutes Butler was still lying on the ground.My Mom checked his heart beat and it was not moving. Butler has had a heart attack. He was dead. A couple minutes later me and my mom went to get his ashes.
I still want another dog.
Just Like Butler.

I was at home with my two best friends over for a sleepover. Abby and Blaine are their names. The sleepover started off by accidently locking Abby , Blaine and me in my room but luckily my sister’s boyfriend’s daughter, Maddie, unlocked us after about 3 minutes later. We all gave Maddie a hug.

Later on Maddie wanted to play with us, but my mom said that the 4-year-old Maddie should leave the big girls alone. Maddie protested, “I am a big girl!” About 20 minutes later it was dinner time and we had my favorite meal ever! It was spaghetti noodles with Alfredo sauce-Yum! Then, for the rest of the night there was no sleep-just watching movies talking and eating jellybeans and cheese puffs. It was a great time.

In the morning, my sister brought over a little baby boy named Jameson and he was so cute. Blaine still claims that Jameson did not like her but she had a great time with Jameson. Abby claims that Jameson thought she was okay. Jameson really likes me, I’m guessing, because he kept wanting me to feed and hold him. He liked playing with blocks and one of my Medusa head bands. We took him outside to play and this little dude is a tough one! He would fall and get right up. Now I see Jameson real often and he always wants to play with me, but some times I even half to feed him and change his you-know-whats and if you don’t know I mean diapers.

I think material world is interesting and fun. It is fun trying to decide which country and I have noticed the diffirent looks, items, and the types of homes and the areas around. It is weird that this guy and his family were in a crane when they took the picture and in the crane he had all his stuff and a car with him. Another family had about 15 dolls for their one daughter. The last family has 9 lamps; another family owns 26 pairs of shoes! These pictures show culture, living habits, and habitats. I LOVE THEM A WHOLE LOT!

Over the weekend, I went to the drive thru Safari Park with my family. It was awesome!!! We had no idea the animals were going to stick their heads in our car. There were ostriches that would just peck the bowl of food and not chew their food at all. There was also big huge, ginormous bulls that had foot long horns. They stuck their head in the window and tried to get the food. We weren’t supposed to feed them but we did anyway. They were really scary. They could have killed us if they wanted to.
One bull put its head in the window on my mom’s side, and she leaned over toward my dad and tried to get away from it but it kept getting closer to her. It stuck its tongue out at my mom. It really scared her and me. Then, another one tried to get in my side and I just sat there screaming. My mom even got a picture of it!
One time, I was looking out my brother’s window because he was really scared, and we don’t have to wear buckles, so I was leaning forward. When I turned around, there was a Llama’s head behind me trying to get food. I knew we weren’t supposed to feed out of our hands but I had to. When the next Llama came by, I stuck my hand out the window and he licked it! It tickled.
When we went on the walking trail, there was a big fat pig. It was huge. So I fed it with my hand and GUESS WHAT…
It bit me!!!!! It didn’t bleed, but it hurt really bad. I will never feed a pig with my hand again!!!

You know how every one says that their isn’t a really a box in the place in your voice box. Well there is so don’t believe all that junk that those people say, IT’S A LIE!!! So onto the voice box. Well their are lots of little tiny words inside that box in your neck and when you say a certain word that word comes out of the box that you said and it goes through something that turns it into a sound and it comes out of your mouth

I play soccer in U10 challenge.I have two teams, their names are Jamboree & Orange Union. I liked Jamboree the best. Jamboree is a special team that SOCA challenge offers for the best soccer players. so my first Jamboree practice we did a lot of dribble & passing. The next time we had a practice disaster struck
When I was playing tackle football with Eli (which I won by a field goal but I still won!) But the bad news was that I had sprained my ankle so I couldn’t play for the next 2 practices! So I was better just in time because Jamboree was going to Harrisburg for two friendly matches. The first game was against the Harrisburg Jamboree, It was a blow out. The 2nd game was much closer.
At the beginning of the game they scored a goal off a free kick. But we came back and scored. At the end of the of the first half, the score was 1-1. It stayed like that for half of the 2nd half. When time was running out, I got the ball and jacked up two guys and shot at the goal from the 18. The ball soared through the air. The keeper dived and missed. The ball kept going and GOAL lower 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That goal opened the flood gates-in the next 3 minutes we scored two more goals. The final score was 4-1.
WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On mothers day my family went to devils backbone in Stuarts draft. My mom got gardening shoes and a hat for mothers day.It was a long drive there. It was worth it. The food was so good. I got fish and chips and coke. My parents shared fish tacos. My sister Adeline got pulled pork B.B.Q sandwich.I got a slice of chocolate tort. That was one of the best dessert I have ever had. After the long drive home my family and I went to the Crozet arts and crafts festival. We went through each tent. I wanted to find something that I could buy. In the past Crozet arts and crafts festival I never found something that I liked.This time I did it was either a sock monkey or animals in the shape of my name. My mom said that the monkey was to expensive but the drawing cost way more than the sock monkey.The drawing cost $30.00. I will like that better. My mom and sister got a book about the early Crozet. My grandpa was born here.My great grandfather owned a car dealership.The book is really interesting and has a lot of facts