What are the big ideas of grandpa's mountain?

I think the big idea in grandpa's mountain is the eminent domain. when the government wants to take away grandpa's house, on the mountain.

how does grandpa's mountain connect to what we already know?

Grandpa's mountain connects to what i know. Before i read grandpa's mountain i read a book about sky line drive. I read about how people's home's got taken away from them so they could create sky line drive.

What do we find challenging in Grandpa's Mountain?

I find grandpa having to give up his house , gas station and restaurant would be very challenging. Grandpa had lived there his entire life and so did some of his family.

how have you changed as a result after reading grandpa's mountain?

I agree with Noa. I don't really like how the book is written, but the plot is life changing. It is horrible what the government can do to you. what is even worse, is that you can't do anything about it.