Twas the night before Christmas and all of the little girls and boys were sleeping in their warm cozy beds. Moms and dads were getting ready for Santa Claus to arrive. Around 10:00 everyone had fallen asleep. One little girl in a little house was sleeping when she smelled smoke! Oh no, her parents had left the fire place on! She rushed downstairs and she got a big bucket of water and put out flames. But wait! She had just heard about 8 footsteps on her roof.
The sound, “Ho, Ho, Ho,” came down the chimney.
“SANTA,” the little girl sighed .
The man who had just fallen down the chimney admitted “Yes, I am certainly Santa Claus but your chimney was fairly smokey and hot. I almost got hurt.”
“I am sorry, Santa, do I still get a present? ” Santa then gave the girl a hug and sent her off to bed with a glass of water, never answering her question, “do I get a present?” As the little girl fell asleep, she thought. “Is Santa going to give me a present…”
In the morning laughter and exitement swept the small town. The same little girl rushed down the stairs, hoping that Santa had left her something. Her parents were hiding behind the tree.
“MERRY CHRISTMAS” her parents yelled as they handed her a gift that had not been under the tree last night. She opened that present like there was no tomorrow.
“It’s beautiful ” she said. It was the one thing that she put on her Christmas list every year. It was a golden retriever puppy. But what was this? A bow tied behind the dog’s tail with a note.
The note read. “Hello little girl. You have been a very good girl this year, and I know you have been wanting this for a long time now. Enjoy! SANTA CLAUS.
As tears drizzeld down her cheek, she picked the puppy up and said, “Santa is your new name”.

pretty cool right. i hope you liked it.