Last summer i took a trip to Delaware.
I had to drive for 5 hours,but I was in entertained by all of my gadgets like my DSI and a traveling TV. But hear is some bad news I had to drive with Chris Duddley, who had also brought a TV, so when we both were watching different movies at the same time so what we both heard was nothing but gibberish. oh did I mention that I was soon to be in Delaware with the hole cove creek baseball travel team that included some of my close friends like Bradley, Tre , bradey, Jj, and tyler.I was almost there , when the travel team decided to stop at Wendy's for some lunch.It took about 20 minutes to get there then we all sat down for only ten minutes and had some food. It was very good.The time had come to get back in the car,and the one bad thing about the car ride was the stupid G.P.S turn left, got so annoying. finally the G.P.S said something worth wild ,you have 5 minutes until your destination.When we got to the hotel the first 2 things i saw was the hot chocolate machine and the indoor pool, me and Chris rushed to the elevator we where on floor 13 in room 218, I took the key out of my pocket and unlocked the room , there where 2 beds and 1 cot along with a TV,game system, a desk, a mirror and a bathroom with giant bathroom with the hole baseball team and my name was engraved on the VIP list the baseball team luckily had a separate room than me and chris and the best part was all of the parents where not on the VIP list so they where on the 11th floor so the entire thirteenth floor belonged to the kids. Me ,Chris and the rest of the baseball team went down to the lobby, then we saw the mother of all beverages, Hot chocolate.So after un-packing, me and Chris went down to the pool and the rest of the boys came after about 10 minutes and we were all doing flips and dives then it got pretty boring. We dried off and decided to go to the board walk by ourselves it was so fun. but our parents did not even come they trusted us. I ended up spending about 30$ on souvenirs and games. Then after the board walk we all went back to the hotel and got our swim suites back on and went to a beach called dewy beach ,but our parents wanted to come with us.The beach was so insane, we were throwing Jelly Fish at each other and surfing with our bodies.